On woman-on-woman bullying in the workplace.

The worst bullies I’ve personally endured in my career have been dudes, but I’ve skirted around a few women.1 A quote in the article pretty much nails the problem:

With women, I’m partly being judged on my abilities and partly being judged on whether or not I’m ‘a friend,’ or ‘nice,’ or ‘fun.’

And, oh boy. I have stories. Do I have stories, particularly given I’m not a particularly sociable nor emotionally available person.

One day, when I’m a millionaire New York Times bestseller and no longer need a day job, I might even be able to tell them…


  1. Incidentally, all the worst offenders worked for the same company, even when I encountered them in different parts of the organisation at different times. I’m sure it’s just a coincidence… []