Interesting look at the tablet versus the desktop market, particularly as it relates to the decline of Microsoft.

I bought a keyboard for my iPad about two years ago. I felt like burning money at the time and I didn’t really expect to use it much and holy shit was I wrong on that one. I use my keyboardPad pretty much constantly, now, for everything from writing to social media interactions to website coding. There are only a few things the interface isn’t great for, and those mostly involve tabbing between multiple windows, particularly browser windows. So I don’t go through my blog post queue on it, for example.

I’ve mentioned before that I actively resent having to use Windows at my day job, and I only use it at home for PC gaming (and, very occasionally, PhotoShop). The day when I get to use a Mac at work is the day I cry in joyful relief…

… though I admit I’m not holding my breath.