Interesting profile of how a handful of Instagrammers became the new fashion press.

What really strikes me about this, particularly with regards to the “establishment” press’s comments re. the bloggers’ appearances is just how… not just vicious and petty it is, but how divorced from actual fashion and even just straight-up aesthetic sense it makes the editors seem. Maybe that’s what happens when you spend your days staring into the dull, zombified eyes of expressionless walking corpses kept too starved to do much other that stagger up and down a runway before they collapse. Like, yeah sure the feeds of Instagram fashionistas are a curated and equally “false” experience… but at least they actually look like living people. They’re glamorous and aspiration in the way creepy dead-fleshed runway models really, really aren’t.1

  1. None of this, incidentally, is the fault of the models; they work in an industry that’s notoriously exploitative under conditions that are notoriously terrible. And it’s not like they’re doing their own make-up at shows, so… []