Basically, being a woman means being faced with what is just an irrational, unfair system of sexism. You have more rules governing your behavior, fewer opportunities, and are treated with less respect. In many cases, you are expected to live your life as if it weren’t your own, but for others, mostly men. And, most importantly, there’s nothing you can do about it. If you fight back against sexism, you will discover that sexism wins. If an individual woman speaking out was enough to defeat sexism, we would have had this problem licked eons ago. That’s why feminism has to be a collective movement. That’s why, also, women who adopt feminism must accept that sexism will not be defeated in our lifetimes, but that the best we can hope for, for ourselves, incremental improvement and a vague hope that one day, after countless hours of hard work by millions of people, sexism will finally end.

Those are basically your two choices as a woman: Become a feminist and accept the bleak fact that your hard work can only improve but never really fix things in your lifetime or decide you’re going to accept the status quo, which is less work but means accepting a definition of yourself as inherently inferior.

–Amanda Marcotte on the impossible choice.