The HP iPod.

/The HP iPod.

Or, how Steve Jobs screwed over then-HP CEO, Carly Fiorina.

This story was going around a while back, thanks to Fiorina’s run for the Republican presidential whatevership (US politics, how the fuck do they work, amirite?). As far as knock-the-uppity-bitch-down-a-peg reporting goes, it’s pretty mild; there’s no sex tapes, no discussion of what Fiorina was or wasn’t wearing. And yet, there’s still something that makes me feel vaguely uncomfortable about the way this story was covered. Not one single outlet that I saw report it framed it in terms of “HP versus Apple”; they were all about how Jobs got one over on the (incompetent) Fiorina. And it’s… difficult, in the world we live in, to read that reporting as anything other than “smart male CEO shows up dumb girl who thought she could play in the boys’ club”. Do I think that’s the conscious narrative the journalists who reported this were trying to get across? Of course not.

But. Still…

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