The holy grail of BothSidesism.

/The holy grail of BothSidesism.

[W]e hippie liberals have been telling you for years that a sizeable chunk of Republican voters are absolute blithering idiots. Also, racist. This is not news. I’m even happy to accept for sake the holy grail of BothSidesism that a sizeable chunk of Democratic voters are absolute blithering idiots. The difference is that no one in power actually caters to those voters. They aren’t treated as Real Americans by every mainstream news outlet. They aren’t given their own response to the State of the Union address. Almost no elected officials will meet with them. Most importantly, they don’t make up a third of the House of Representatives. The blithering idiots are on TV every day where you can see them, not just some random 19-year-old Ivy student who did a thing you read about in a student newspaper which made your boner shrink.

Atrios on both sides.

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