Although specifically, in this instance, it’s Uber drivers.

I remember a couple of years back I ended up crashing the open bar of a gamification conference.1 How? Because my husband happened to know… I actually think he was the keynote speaker? Maybe? Some dude of moderate importance to the conference, anyway. And this dude, he worked for SAP.

For all of you who’re scratching your heads wondering “WTF is SAP?” congratulations on managing to escape the mind-numbing horror of big corporate HR. Because that’s what SAP does: it’s a computer system for managing human resources2 in huge companies. If you’re thinking, “That doesn’t sound like a field that’d be super-into gamification” then, yes. That’s what I thought at the time, too.

Except, now, reading this article?


Oh, right

  1. I know, right? []
  2. Actually “enterprise resource planning”, or ERP, which is the Hot New Term for “HR and all the rest of it”. []