The anime avatar is shorthand for an elite community that prizes itself on exclusive and being a specific and obsessive (usually male) fan. The anime avatar is closely aligned with the Gamergate movement, which posited that their is a correct way to be a gamer (again, usually male).

The furry avatar, conversely, signals an openness. The furry community with its many quirks and proclivities (some of a sexual nature) is often aggressively accepting of all types of members. (Which is not to say that there aren’t right-wing furries that can occasionally lead to some admittedly funny online posts and cognitive dissonance.)

In 2018, the known unknown regarding k-pop stans, rabid fans of Korean pop-music groups, was on which side of the anime-furry fence they would land. […]

Based on events over the past few days, however, it seems safe to conclude that the k-pop contingent has fallen on the Furry side of history.

Brian Feldman on history.

Welcome to 2020, everyone.

Also as a professed fancam hater, I confess the mulch fancam has soften my opinion of the genre somewhat.