The forgotten future.

/The forgotten future.

Whatever happened to Second Life?

A couple of years back, it occurred to me I was probably never going to be a regular SL user,1 and so sold off my accumulated Lindens for the princely sum of $83. If I recall correctly, I spent it on digos in Furcadia because I am now and will forever be a closet furry.

  1. I had a brief dalliance with it in the early ’00s, mostly in the trying-to-learn-to-model-and-texture way. As with many things, I never stuck with it enough to git gud. ^
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  1. Vickie 1st June, 2018 at 1:56 pm

    I stayed on Second Life a lot longer than the average. I wasn’t hugely into content creation, but found fun games I enjoyed and was good enough to win monies regularly at, like Primtionary (Pictionary done with SL’s building blocks), Wheel of Fortune and racing (SL physics and mechanics was easy to grasp for a nerd like me). I also had an exploration buddy who came on every night and we’d go look at pretty places or attend classical music live performances…

    Until real life got good. Escapist was definitely what SL was to me, and I was glad it was there when I needed it. I miss it a little sometimes.

    (I should probably at least log in to sell my stash of Ls before it becomes totally worthless.)

    • Alis 1st June, 2018 at 2:10 pm

      I was (shocker) never very social in SL, but I did used to enjoy exploring and seeing everyone else’s id-showing creations.

      Plus I once attended a LGBT furry nightclub party and I still listen to some of the music they played. So I think about boogying on the dance floor with the purple gorilla leather daddy every time I hear it.

      … fun times.

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