ALIS: with that said, an interesting article on how the full stop, a.k.a. period, is becoming an "anger signifier"
ALIS: particularly in informal chat

ALIS: i admit i generally don't use full stops or capitals in chat (IM, SMS, etc.)
ALIS: (unless my device auto-adds them for me)
ALIS: usually i'll let the chat line itself signify the end of a sentence

ALIS: it comes from gaming, i think
ALIS: because when you're facing down a dragon
ALIS: sometimes the extra fraction of a second saved by NOT pressing that key
ALIS: is the difference between ending up safe or on fire

ALIS: i also think the "unpunctuation" of chat more closely mimics the way people speak
ALIS: rather than how they've been taught to write essays in college

ALIS: chat is not an essay

ALIS: it's also a relatively modern form of communication; I can't really think of it existing outside of the last twenty years at most
ALIS: which makes reactions to its conventions across demographics really... interesting to watch

ALIS: tl;dr
ALIS: the intent of language is to convey meaning
ALIS: and the best way to facilitate that isn't fixed according to some unbending standard
ALIS: it's adaptive to audience and circumstance, because humans (in general) are as well
ALIS: (and it takes an MFA to teach someone otherwise...)