Jason Thibeault does an interesting take-down of the concept of “Entitlement Culture“.

I’m particular, he posits that true “entitlement culture” has nothing to do with the imaginary hordes of fictitious single mothers buying yachts with welfare cheques, but rather a kind of perverse Ultimatum Game wherein a privileged group believes they are entitled to exclusive use of a resource (money, status, etc.), and that any attempt to share or extend this resource to others represents some kind of unconscionable infringement. Probably the most blatant example of this attitude can be found in marriage equality arguments; extending the institution of marriage to queer couples has a court-ordained zero impact on heterosexual couples, and yet there are still many who seem to believe they are entitled to define marriage as something for their exclusive (heterosexual, usually theistic) use alone.

This, Thibeault argues, is true “entitlement culture”, and it forms the cornerstone of almost all of the conservative side of the culture wars (he gives examples ranging from abortion to videogames).