“SJW” is an acronym for “social justice warrior,” a sarcastic pejorative that purports to refer to online progressive zealots who cross the line from activist to moral scold. In practice, though, the term usually means “anyone asking me to adjust my behavior for reasons I deem annoying or frivolous,” a murky, subjective taxonomy that conveniently makes any man the arbiter of his own rightness. (SJWs, along with political correctness, also happen to be unifying obsessions among Trump fanatics.)

The “dirtbag left,” in contrast to these “warriors,” promises a world in which you can have it both ways: You can be good without ever seeming uncool in front of your buddies, you can be an advocate for social justice without ever considering there might be social forces beyond your ken, you can be a crusader for positive change without ever killing anyone’s buzz, you can be a progressive hero without ever taking identity politics seriously. It’s an ambitious contortion, and one that affords straight white men a luxurious degree of stasis. I confess, that world doesn’t track with mine.

Lindy West on brogressives.