Really interesting rebuttal from Lori W. to an article in The Guardian wherein old literary authors bemoan… kids these days with their Kindles and their commercial product and get off my lawn back in my day we cared about art. Or something.

Anyway. This response is much, much more interesting that the original piece, and I think it highlights the current culture wars in publishing between the old guard (particularly litfic authors), and the newskool (often indie and genre authors). There’s too much good stuff to pull-quote (I’d be pull-quoting the entire damn article if I did), but I will give you this one:

Because that’s how your creativity is rewarded in this business now. It’s rewarded based on how many people believe it’s a product worth buying.  Which means it’s rewarded based on how many people believe your story is worth reading.

Writing is a business; books are a product that service a market, not a cultural gift the unwashed, unpublished masses should be grateful for. And, to a lot of people–particularly the sort who grew fat and lazy on the six-figure advances of days gone by–that thought is terrifying.

(Also make sure to check out KJ Charles’ comment–it’s the first one–for some of the numbers the Guardian piece doesn’t talk about…)