Both Medium and Svbtle grounded their brands, in their early days, on trying to be places where great communities and content would be found. They were about reducing ‘noise’ on the internet and boosting signals people wanted to hear. And when you look at the demographics, it becomes clear that the ‘noise’ they wanted to filter out was women and/or people of colour. This definition of noise appears all the more fascinating when we look at, especially, one of the fastest growing social media sites of recent times: Pinterest. Or even if we look at the success of Tumblr as a platform (by any measurement, Tumblr has ‘succeeded’ in terms of growth, user engagement, and by paying off its investors via acquisition by a larger company).

Diverse sites like Tumblr may appear ‘noisy,’ but it also looks like the Medium and Svbtle definition of ‘noise’ amounts to ‘engagement’.

–nina de jesus on Country Clubs.

Want your new social media site to be successful? Make it attractive to women, particularly young women of colour.