The story of L0pht, one of the first internet hacking groups to turn into a corporate INFOSEC consultancy (and to have a Trivial Pursuit question created in their honour).

Remember the other day when we were talking about the inherent conservatism of hacking, and the ridiculousness of lionising hackers as anti-capitalist “tricksters”? Well, this is the other reason that’s the case. Bad 90s movies aside, hackers have always been irrevocably associated with three groups: commercial technology companies, the military industrial complex, and organised crime. The industry–and make no mistake, it is an industry–is not this anarchist group of lone individuals hacking away in their own basements, and it never really has been.1

  1. And where those lone individuals do exist, I can almost guarantee you they’ll be using toolsets and techniques designed by either commercial security firms, the military, or cybercriminals. []