Consider the following scenarios: What if Venezuela held a presidential election and President Nicolás Maduro claimed victory with fewer votes than his main rival? Or if Russian liberals won the most votes in the country’s legislative elections but failed to secure the most seats in the Duma? Or if Iranian authorities tried to prevent members of the country’s largest minority group from voting?

Can you imagine the howls of outrage from the White House press secretary? The pious calls from the State Department spokesman to respect the will of the people and protect minorities? Yet all of these undemocratic travesties occurred. Here in the United States, in front of our noses.

Much has been written since Election Day about the need to resist the “normalization” of racism and misogyny. Less has been said about the “normalization” of democratic dysfunction, the signs of which are all around us.

Mehdi Hasan on broken democracy.

Hasan goes on to outline the major symptoms of the broken US democracy: the electoral college, campaign spending, voter turnout, voter suppression, an gerrymandering.

This is the price to pay for American Exceptionalism, I guess. When you get taught you have the “world’s greatest democracy” you stop thinking you need to work on improving it.