The confidence gap.

/The confidence gap.

The is Annabel Crabb talking about one of those “Dear Ms. Crabb, I read two pages of your book and now I am writing you a thousand word letter to tell you why you are wrong” style letters she received recently about The Wife Drought. More specifically, it’s about the gap in confidence between men and women, although Crabb calls it the “shamelessness gap”. What is it about our society that teaches men they’re the Ultimate Experts On All Things, and that everyone is clamouring to hear their Important Opinions At All Times?

I mean, that question is rhetorical. We all know the answer to it, and so does Crabb, who’s less interested in women leaning in than she is men leaning the fuck out, thank gods. Crabb also introduces the term ladysplaining, which she describes as the exact opposite of mansplaining,1 i.e. when women apologise for knowing something, which… yeah. I’ve done that. I bet you have, too. Huh.

  1. As an aside, I’d like to thank Chrome’s spell checker, which politely refuses to give a red squiggle to the word “mansplain”. ^
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    This is smart and interesting. I DO see this (honestly in male friends also) more often in my female writer friends. I…

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