Thousands if not millions of people are going to starve, drown, burn to death, or live out lives of misery because we’ve failed to pull together in the face of the ultimate tragedy of the commons. Many more will find themselves scrambling for basic survival goods and fretting over the prospect of more fires, more ferocious hurricanes, and summer days of blistering heat.

There’s no solving climate change any longer. There’s only living with it and doing everything in our power to limit the damage.

And seeing an entire community near one of the world’s richest regions all but wiped out, while retailers failed to meet critical public needs in the aftermath, left me with a dimmer view of our ability to grapple with the far greater challenges to come.

James Temple knows it’s not fine.

I do mildly disagree with the “there’s no solving climate change” line, which I think is fatalist and unhelpful clickbait; yeah, anthropogenic climate impacts are inevitable, and going to be severe, but that doesn’t mean they’re “insoluble” in the sense we should do nothing about them. Corralling all the world’s oil, coal, and gas industry executives in a room tomorrow, shooting them all for crimes against humanity, and outlawing their industries would, in fact, have a great impact on climate change. It would also have a great impact on, like, everyone else so it’s not necessarily a policy I’d be espousing at this time but, like. There’s probably an approach between that and “fatalistic acceptance”, y’know?