So apparently Highway 287 in Colorado has had a longstanding problem of someone dumping books along its length. Well, they caught the guy who was doing it; turns out he’s someone who inherited the inventory of a used bookstore, only to find he couldn’t get rid of any of it because Amazon. Or something.

When in doubt in the book industry, blame Amazon, I guess.

Anyway, so instead of disposing of his used books in a responsible way (donating them, taking them to the rubbish dump… burning them for warmth on cold winter’s nights?), he just decided to toss them along a highway. As you do.

Books, it must be said, are a bit of a pain in the ass both to move and to get rid of. We had to do both recently, while moving house; most of our library ended up in boxes, but to try and reduce the number of boxes we also filled up a trailer to take to the local Lifeline, who have a fundraising book fair thing on a couple of times a year. And yes, I do mean “a trailer”, as in one of those things you lug garden mulch around in, and “full”, as in “stacked with books from the bottom of the tray bed to the top of the walls.

Point being, Lifeline was very pleased with the donation; people from their shopfront came out and looked through all the books individually, noted them and their dates of publication all down, and took them all away.

So, yanno. Anyone local who really wants a bunch of old Star Wars novels; try the next Lifeline book fair!