On the one hand, I think implanted chips that act as everything from your driver’s licence to your house keys are probably inevitable and not necessarily a bad thing. On the other, I 100% would not get chipped by my employer, nor work for any company that mandated it, because what the fuck? What happens when you, like, get a new job?

I already have a sub-dermal implant (contraceptives, not ID) and it needs changing every few years. Changing it does leave scars; I have a little collection of pale dots on the inside of my upper left arm. If I’m going to get tech plugged into me I’d damn well want it to be “future-proofed” enough I’m not going to have to get it rewired on the reg which, honestly, is the actual current barrier to this stuff. Not hysteria over the “Mark of the Beast”.1

Tl;dr, don’t let your employer put an RFID chip in your hand. Geez, people.

  1. Which was at the time and always has been a reference to currency, anyway. Y’know, the stuff you’ve probably got in your wallet right now. []