Here’s a sequel idea for you. Gwen Stacy survives. Spider-man, instead, dives off a skyscraper, as he’s wont to do, and then misgauges the proper height for his web by a few feet, and instead of swinging majestically just over traffic, he swings directly into an oncoming cement truck with all the velocity gained from a 70 story fall. Gwen weeps a few dignified, sorrowful tears, and then flies off to her academic appointment at Oxford. The next episode in the franchise is called The Amazing Gwen Stacy, Molecular Biologist, and is all about how she makes fascinating discoveries in medicine while also fighting off bad guys by informing the British authorities about pending supervillain invasions, and giving them sensible science-based advice on how to thwart them.

–I would watch the shit outta that. Leik woah.