Good to see old stalwarts like 123456, password, and qwerty on the list.

Seriously, though. Don’t have passwords like this. Protip: Your password should be a phrase. Something you’ll remember, and something you can remember in a way you can change up for every site you register at.

As an example, say your password is sphinx of black quartz, judge my vow, and say you want to use it as your login to Facebook. You decide that, for every letter that appears in “facebook”, you’re going to capitalise it in your password. So: sphinx OF BlACK quArtz, judgE my vOw. So not only is your Facebook password now more difficult to brute force or otherwise hack, it means that when the password you used at Gawker (sphinx of blAcK quARtz, judGE my voW) got leaked, it can’t then be reused to break into your Facebook. Or Gmail. Or online banking.

Also, incidentally, don’t use exactly the mnemonic I’ve described here. It’s just so you get the idea of how to go forth an create your own. So, like. Do that!