Wait. Is this really a thing? Like, do people really read ebooks without having read their cover copy? Like, I get that it’s not as convenient as just being able to flip a physical paperback over, but… really? How do people get these books if they don’t know what’s in them?

I’m confused. Maybe I just don’t have enough unread ebooks for forgetting what I’ve bought to become a problem.

Anyway. This seems like it could be solved by simple technological means, rather than trying to alter a writing style. Why aren’t ebook readers displaying cover copy more prominently in their virtual shelves, for example? (I assume people who format ebooks are including cover copy in their files! The EPUB standard has an element for it, at any rate.) At the very least–as the first commenter on the post mentions–including the back cover blurb as front matter in the ebook is probably not the worst idea ever.