Interesting look at two very, very different experiences from one guy applying for two different jobs: one technical, one management.

Aggressive interviews suck. Not only do they suck, but they’re generally the sign of a poor or inexperienced interviewer,1 which I know because I’ve done it.

This is one of those One Percent Advice things–the current job market means that most people don’t have this sort of freedom–but, as a general rule, you also probably don’t want to be working for anyone who makes you feel like insignificant pondscum in an interview. That chances of them moving on from that to being a good supervisor/manager are… not great, hey.

  1. In some very, very senior positions they’re used intentionally, but not as much as you might think. They were also fashionable for a while, like, twenty-plus years ago, so someone using this as a “technique” might just be a Job Interview Dinosaur. []