I am not here to have an argument about my rules for submission. I am not saying that I don’t think books that don’t pass the Bechdel Test should exist – I have read and enjoyed many excellent books that don’t pass, and I don’t believe that stories set in male spaces have no value. I just want to make people aware that I am not interested in representing books without women (plural) in them at this time, and I would like to ask everyone not to send them to me until the balance has been redressed and people start taking it for granted that not everybody in their fictional universe can be, or should be, male.

–Lydia Moëd takes a stand.

Moëd is a literary agent at The Rights Factory. She’s decided to update her submissions guidelines to require all fiction manuscripts pass the Bechdel Test before she’ll consider them for representation. This is a thing I like, and hope to see more of!

Moëd is actively seeking to acquire diverse SFF, which I know is probably Of Interest to some of you. Here’s her wishlist, just in case.