Hey you. Yeah, you. Do you want to get into tabletop roleplaying but are worried that too many games out there are, y’know. Kinda… sexist? And you and your friends are totally not down for wading through that?

Well, never fear, because Elizabeth is here with a Feminist RPG Starter Pack!

I’ve only played one of these, Night Witches, with Elizabeth and run by her partner, and it was pretty freakin’ rad.1 I also own Eclipse Phase and have backed the second edition, but I’ve yet to play it in an actual session. And Monsterhearts is something that’s been on my To Play list for aa-aa-ages, so it’s totally rad that Elizabeth is going to run a session at the next Conflux, innit? (Hint hint.)

  1. As some regulars may note, I do have some obvious… reservations about the setting, given my family history, so it’s not a game I’d play with a random pick-up group. []