I don’t think the public really understand what it means to us to finally be believed and listened to respectfully, and that we’re not getting interrogated. People have tried to get justice for themselves, and have had to put up with the most appalling statements like ‘oh that couldn’t have happened to you.’ But two more people have decided today they want to register for the royal commission. That’s the story the public needs to hear. It’s so important.

–Leonie Sheedy, co-founder of the Care Leavers Australia Network.

There’s currently a royal commission going on in Australia over the institutionalised abuse of children. It’s in the process of interviewing survivors of institutional abuse, and is getting more and more applications by the day, partly because word is getting out that, yanno. The commission is actually listening rather than aggressively interrogating survivors and denying their experiences.

Of course, the right wing loathes the commission, and is actively trying to discredit it–which is what the above-linked Guardian article is about–in no small part because the original mandate was investigating specifically Catholic abuse of minors (by priests, in schools, and so on), and the Catholic Church still has quite a lot of sway over that side of Australian politics. Meaning the remit of the commission has since been broadened after a campaign of apologists basically making the super-compelling argument of, “Oh yeah, well… other people sexually molest children too! So nyyah!”

The commission’s findings are due at the end of next year.