Superman’s true weakness.

/Superman’s true weakness.

The more I hear people wishing Batman would take down Superman, the more I believe it comes from a greater hatred of power than of its abuse. The current popular iterations of Batman are of a tyrant building his kingdom, an autocrat ruling Gotham with an iron fist, an angry billionaire of unchecked privilege and brutality. Somehow Superman is the one labeled overpowered and unrelatable.

People keep saying he’s invincible and therefore a bad character. But Superman’s weakness isn’t just Kryptonite. In the biggest comic event of all time, the mofo was straight-up beaten to death in a fist fight.

His weaknesses include magic, mind-control, various diseases, other Kryptonians, and the bajillion other aliens that are just as powerful, or more powerful, but are dicks about it. He’s vulnerable to super-sharp weapons, the light of a red sun, pretty much every energy weapon I’ve ever seen. He can be out-smarted, caught by Green Lantern rings, or Black Lantern rings. And there are always nuclear weapons. If he has a greatest weakness, it’s probably the emergencies of normal people who he constantly puts his own life on hold to assist. That’s why I like him better than Batman. Increasingly, Batman is a fantasy of punishing someone, where Superman is a fantasy of helping someone.

John Wiswell on OP.

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