How the 80-hour week hurts families, in this case the families of male workers.

Interesting that this article is in the Harvard Business Review, because quite a large portion of my husband’s HBS peers are burnt-out 30-something ex-bankers who went to do MBAs in order to get the skills to leave their firms and start their own companies, in part so they have more time to spend with their young families.

It’s also, uh, interesting to see the different tactics taken by men versus women when it comes to prioritising family over work. In short, women tend to formally admit they need extra work-life balance, and find themselves marginalised for it (the whole “don’t hire women because they have babies” thing). Men, on the other hand, invent creative strategies to appear to do the work while simultaneously not putting in the effort. Men who don’t do this, and ask for formal work-life accommodations are treated in the way women who ask for these things are, i.e. poorly.

Also, taking holidays is fine. Taking paternity leave? Not so much.

Funny dat.