Superheroes killed the movie star.

/Superheroes killed the movie star.

Interesting look at the rise and the fall of the movie star.

Like most Millennials I don’t really “get” the idea of movie stars; I’ll certainly not go see a film if it has actors in it I find reprehensible, but I don’t go to see films just because they have someone in them that I’ve liked in something else. This wasn’t always true—I went through a huge Robin Williams phase as a kid, for example—but it is now, and it’d never really occurred to me that the main difference between now and then is that nowadays the internet exists to give me an indication of whether I will like something or not. But back in Ye Oldene Dayes, actors were the main signifier (“I liked X in Y so I’ll probably also like them in Z”). Which is how you get an eleven-year-old watching Caddyshack because she liked Ghostbusters, I guess…

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