So I kinda grabbed Saints Row IV on a whim a couple of weeks ago (okay, I admit, I’d had ma-aa-aa-aa-aybe a few too many glasses of Shiraz).

I’ve subsequently had to force myself to take a break from it, because it was consuming 100% of my time and, like. I need to get some revisions done before January (not to mention work on my next book).

So yeah. This game. Wow. I haven’t played any of the previous games (I hate driving games, by which you may read “I’m terrible at them”), so I kinda didn’t know what to expect, other than “wackiness”.

What I ended up getting was, yes, mindless, irreverent fun and a ridiculous pastiche of a plot… but also some surprisingly likable NPCs and heartfelt relationships.

Those of you who know me will know the is the number one thing I am a huge sucker for. Like, wow. Yeah. Ridic OTT cliche plot filled with believable (… for the setting), complex characters who honestly care about each other? Guuuh. Sign me up! Whether it’s “romancing” Kinzie or doing Matt’s fanfic-based loyalty mission or just running around Matrixport to the tune of “The Boys Are Back In Town”, Saints Row IV is sort of perfect for me in a way I didn’t really expect.

Also, have I mentioned I really love my outfit? (Witch hat, stripper boots, and hotpants?) Because I really, really do.