Travellin’ the world, you’re in search of no good
But I’m sure you’ll build your Sodom like I knew you would
Using all the good people for your galley slaves
As your little boat struggles through the the warning waves
But you will pay, you will pay tomorrow
You’re gonna pay tomorrow
You gonna pay tomorrow
Save me, save me from tomorrow

“You have a blood-debt, jötunn,” Forseti says. “To me, to my mother, and to all of Ásagrðr. For the murder of my father and the usurpation of his throne.” He looks at me, expecting a reaction. Denials, excuses. I have enough to fill the great ship Naglfar, but I bite my tongue instead and Forseti continues, “After Ragnarøkkr, we knew it was not Baldr who returned from Hel’s embrace. Whatever Odin had hoped to gain by this deception, my father is long dead. Mother mourns, but I am lord of justice, and I will see it done.”

Justice, right. As if a tenth-century barbarian even knows the meaning of the word. Forseti and his ilk can poison every field in Ásgarðr with my blood and it still won’t change or fix a single thing.

This was the first song on my Stormbringer playlist, back before I really had a plot for the book other than “something something Lain in Asgard Mjolnir something”. I went for a lot of walks storyboarding an intro sequence to this, which is obviously a totally useless thing to do with regards to writing books, but something I do all the time anyway.

In the sagas, it’s Loki who gets most of the treasures used by the gods of Asgard, including Thor’s hammer and Odin’s spear. Almost always this is at a great cost to himself. Pretty much since there was a Wyrdverse, I’d had the idea that one of the things Lain did immediately after Ragnarok was to hide all the gods’ old magic. He tells himself it’s because magical treasures are a curse–men fight and die over who can hold them–but mostly I think it’s revenge. The Ragnarok took his family. If nothing else, Lain could take Asgard’s power in return.

Whether the lyrics in this song refer to Loki/Lain or to Asgard is probably up to you…

Everything is true, some of it’s embellished.

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