Over liquid tarmac wastelands of cactus and heat
Down cobblestone alleyways of washing day sheets
Up ghost prairie mountains of sunset and space
Down the road a familiar face
Across the wilderness
Out further than the bush
I will follow you

They passed through a huge set of heavy stone doors and into a cavern so enormous they may as well have been outside. Þrúðr couldn’t see the walls of it, only a constellation of more glimmering lights, floating in the gloom like stars. The doors emerged at the top of a hill, a road winding down to where a small village sat nestled at the edge of a vast undersea lake. As with everything else, the waters of the lake rippled with light yet still it had no edge, seeming to extend on forever into the dark.

Þrúðr’s breath caught from the beauty. Beside her, she felt Magni and Móði do the same.

Lain, who had trod these roads before, appeared unmoved.

“Sindri,” he said. “Niðavellir’s border town.”

“It—I didn’t—” Þrúðr managed. Towering above Sindri’s buildings, she saw mushrooms the size of trees undulating in the strange underground breeze. The mushroom trees glowed, too. Everything glowed here, Þrúðr realized. Everything except them.

Midnight Oil aren’t as famous internationally as AC/DC, but there’re there holding down the left wing/social justice arm of the pub rock sphere.

One of the themes Stormbringer plays with a lot is that of the Outsider/monstrous Other, and how that notion is relative to where everyone is standing at any one point.

Also, I just like cave cities full of giant glowing mushrooms.

Everything is true, some of it’s embellished.

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