“Another!” Forseti cried. The arrow had hit the jötunn in his arm, and for one blissful moment his song began to fade as he reached up to pull the shaft from his skin.

“Nice try, assholes,” Loki screamed, voice made huge by the strange devices of the mortals.

Ullr shot again, but this time Loki was prepared, darting around to hide behind one of the tall black towers erected on the stage. The arrow hit the tower, sinking in, and a screeching hiss filled the air. Then Loki’s song started once more.

“This one’s for you, kid,” he howled, then:

Drove up to Ásgarðr where Svaði built the Wall.
Just came to see you, but was greeted by a brawl.
Am I ever gonna see this place again?

So. In a story with a bogan rock soundtrack… where the cricket bat of Donald Bradman is a portal to another world… where AC/DC songs are used not once but twice… where a major plot element revolves around a reference to Midnight Oil…

In all of that, what was the single most Australian finale I could possibly think of including?

Oh, yeah. Right. This.

It’s time to get hammered!

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