We always dreamed about this better life, this better life
We always felt it coming all along, yeah, all along
We got the keys to open paradise, yeah, paradise
Now let’s go walking hand in hand
Br-br-br-br-br-bring the action

I feel them first, a pull on the edge of the Wyrdsight. A smell like dark forests and freshly spilled blood. Jötunn blood, and it comes from all around. The rocks are crawling with them, dark shapes sliding through the sluicing wet, claws and blades flashing in the gloom. A whole second army, slipped into the Bleed when the rest of us were distracted.

Underneath the rain, I hear a sound very much like the gallop of hooves. Then a shape—like a horse but not at all—appears on the crest of a nearby column. It rears, forelegs rippling in the air like ghosted video. There’s no roar, of course. Instead, a bright light shines out from the raised hand of the beast’s rider, and a voice says, in very, very familiar English:

“Nobody move! This is a bloody rescue mission.”

I love mashups, and Titus Jones is my long-term favourite mashup artist of all time. I think he’s responsible for like 73.94% of all soundtracks to everything I’ve written in the last four years. No lie.

Mashups are, in my humble opinion, the best soundtrack for urban fantasy. Like mashups, UF is taking one part mythology, one part modern urban legend, one part real world, seasoning with pop culture, bringing to the boil, simmering over low tension, and serving with a side of satisfactory ending. If I’m mixing metaphors there it’s because–confession–I have no musical aptitude whatsoever. Go figure.

This song is another one I listened to on repeat a lot. Enough to have choreographed an entire music video for it, in fact, and I can tell you which character in Stormbringer sings which part. This is what I do in my head on my commute to and from work every day, just in case you were wondering.

Everything is true, some of it’s embellished.

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