The technocracy, best I can tell is, it’s making a lot of apps, but stealing a lot of jobs.

I don’t think the future is being written in laws in Washington, D.C. I think the future is being written in code in Silicon Valley. And I think we’ve been playing the wrong game for the past 50 years. Thirty minutes from here is the game we should be playing.

In the black community, right now, this weekend you probably had a million black kids out there playing basketball. Why? Why? Hoping to get paid. Hoping to become LeBron James. The NBA hires 15 kids a year. You have a million kids trying out for 15 jobs. Meanwhile — Silicon Valley, the tech sector, from Austin to Boston — there’s going to be a million workers short in eight years. A million computer engineers, a million coders in eight years. And if we’re not careful, we’re going to have 15 black kids qualified for those jobs.

The future’s going to be built by people who look nothing like us. And, best I can tell, the folks in Silicon Valley are really, really passionate about creating photo-sharing apps. I don’t mean to offend anybody, but white people must have a really hard time sharing photos. Because they just really are into making more of these apps! That’s not the biggest problem in the black community.

–Van Jones on technology and the African-American community.