Because, as far as The Movies are concerned, a woman is just a type of person. A person can be a hero (male), a villain (male), the human comic relief (male), the alien comic relief (male), the muscle (male), the competent cop (male), the incompetent cop (male), the fuckup (male), the leader (male), the sidekick (male), the nerd (male)… or the woman (female).

–flickfilosopher is sick of the token.

Somewhat related: the is one of the reasons I kind of stopped going to see MCU films. Yeah, I liked Iron Man as much as the next person who was expecting a repeat of Daredevil but… c’mon. There’s only so many times I can watch Generic White Guy Murders Thinly-Veiled Racist Analogy En Masse While A Woman Maybe Presses A Button Or Something To “Help”, y’know?