So according to Wattpad, around half of its authors have written something on a phone or tablet. Huh.

Back in circa 2009, when I was embarking on my Great MS Rewrite, I came across a post on the NaNo forums with someone talking about doing most of their writing on their iPhone. At the time, I  remember thinking how crazy that sounded. I mean, writing a book? On an iPhone? Talk about thumb-cramp city!

Meanwhile, I was doing most of my own writing on my (then new) iPad.

Fast forward to 2014, and I’ve retrained my thumbs and have spent the last three-ish years churning out literally hundreds of thousands of words on my own phone. The learning curve sucked, it’s true–I started with editing, i.e. small things, and worked my way up into writing whole chapters–but nowadays my iPhone is one of my favourite writing platforms. It’s focused, for one thing, and portable, for another. It’s also still where I do most of my re-reading and editing, and I don’t think there’s a single chapter in LIESMITH that doesn’t contain big chunks that originated on a phone. LIESMITH 2: REVENGE OF THE SEQUEL (note: working title) is even more phone-written; of the current word count, I’d estimate about 80-90% of it originates one-handed on a tiny keyboard, mostly while I’m on the cross-trainer at the gym, or in the kitchen waiting for the dinner to cook, or (yes) in the bathroom.

Oh, and yes: the physical realities of the phone impacts my writing style. That’s probably a whole other post in itself, however…