Hey, you remember when Apple introduced Apple Pay and everyone was like, “Holy shit Apple taking a slice of all credit card transactions made from its devices is like a freakin’ licence to print money”? But users didn’t really care that much because, a) that shit is convenient af, and b) the “pie slice” that Apple was cutting into was, like, Visa and MasterCard’s and who cares about them?

So what if Google decided it was going to do the same thing. Except the “slice” was “advertising” and the pie was “making users who use non-Google adblockers pay to view websites“?

Whatever your thoughts on advertising-as-business-model and/or paywalling,1 there seems to be a really good way of stopping your browser from being the world’s most used, and this would seem to be it.

  1. Yes! the internet has no good content payment model! Yes, publishers should be able to earn revenue based on viewership of their content. And you know what? There’sΒ already a pool of this money and it’s called “ISP bandwidth costs”. Stop freakin’ double-dipping, tech industry, and sort your shit out! []