Shouting at clouds.

/Shouting at clouds.

So, if you’re having trouble following along, this is what happened: A Gamergater, intent on “proving” that moderate Muslims are secretly jihadists, invented a fake Muslim character who fit that profile and his fake radical Muslim ended up plotting with another fake radical Muslim who was an FBI agent. Welcome to the 21st century. It’s like an O. Henry story, but with computers.

But it’s also the logical end game of the Gamergate/MRA tendency towards projection and fantasy. Insecure about sexual rejection? Engage in a weird, elaborate shared fantasy about being able to reject women the way you fear being rejected. Accuse feminists of engaging in a conspiracy to keep women from fucking you. Gamergaters are men who literally, to “prove” that there are girls who like their sexist bullshit, created a cartoon character who was their fantasy of the Cool Girl and wielded her like a weapon against actual flesh-and-blood women. There’s a real breakdown here of ability to deal directly with reality as it is

–Amanda Marcotte on terrible headcanons.

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