So over the weekend, I stealthily moved to a new host. My old one had a tendency to crap out if more than three people were tying to view the site at once, which was obviously not a great way to run things.

The new server is both gruntier and cheaper than the old one, which is nice, but even more importantly, it runs nginx instead of Apache. Apache is the good ol’ workhorse of the webserver world, and very well documented/supported, but it’s notoriously bloaty and difficult to optimize in such a way that it doesn’t choke up during traffic spikes. nginx is supposedly more efficient, which I’m seeing: my new server runs at only a fraction of the memory my old one used to, even with the same workload. On the other hand, its config files are… not what I’m used to when compared to the good ol’ Apache .ht world. Which is not a bad thing, just… a different thing. And something new to learn, I guess.

So yeah. Bottom line: things should be quicker and smoother around here, so yay for that.