A thoughtful look at the very different video games, and their respective approaches to sex and relationships. Hate Plus sounds pretty cool, but I think Consensual Torture Simulator is probably the most fascinating out of the three, simply because of the subject matter:

[Consensual Torture Simulator is] straightforward about the act and the objective: the player is in a sadomasochistic relationship with their girlfriend and the player’s goal is to strike their partner until they cry. Both the invisible player-character and the nameless girlfriend find joy in the interaction. There’s no twist that one of the lovers is a ghost or anything like that, it’s just two people who love each other being physically intimate with one another.

Sexualised violence is prevalent all over media, but sexualised consensual violence–where the female partner is an active, enthusiastic participant–is a lot less common, I think. So is the idea that being the dominant partner in this sort of relationship comes both with responsibilities (i.e. to please your sub) and is actually physically and emotionally taxing (I think people “get” that about subs, not so much for Doms).

I can’t necessarily say I’ll be racing out to buy the game (it’s, er, not Really My Bag Baby), but… I do like that it exits.