I’ve backed a few videogame Kickstarters in my day. Well, four, in fact. Ironically, the one I thought had the least chance of going anywhere is steaming ahead with development.1

I’ve also played a few games that have been funded via Kickstarter, like The Banner Saga, Divinity: Original Sin, and Shadowrun Returns. Of those, Shadowrun started strong but ended in a bit of a letdown… until its Dragonfall expansion, when it suddenly got amazing (seriously, go play that; you don’t need to’ve played the okay-but-a-bit-lacklustre original campaign to do so, either). The Banner Saga overpromised and underdelivered–way, way, way underdelivered–and also needed like at least two more women on the writing staff to smack the other writers upside the head at a few points. And Divinity: Original Sin proved that, well. Nostalgia and money don’t actually always make a decent game.2

So… yeah. I don’t think crowdfunded games are going anywhere any time soon. Still, it’s a hell of a risky model for backers. Hence the linked list.

Think before you fund, and all that.

  1. And three I’ve lost contact with after I deleted my original Kickstarter account post-security breach. Durr, Alis. []
  2. I still neither know nor really care what the plot in that game was supposed to be… something-something reincarnated lovers something-something Pandora’s Box dragon something? IDK. Like, don’t get me wrong; I did play it all to the end and there were some really good ideas there… and then there was Paper Scissors Rock. And also: buggy. So. Freakin’. Buggy, OMG. []