For a while there, doing well with self-published ebooks was seen as sort of a “way in” to a traditional Big 5 print deals. In 2015, it seems agents and editors alike are cooling off on the idea. The perception that a hot selling selfpubbed title would do even better with the weight of a major publisher behind it seems to’ve lead to more disappointments than successes.

There’s also the fact that the ebook market is super, super saturated. Leik woah. And there seem to be some signs consumers are starting to get a bit sick of it; where once the ocean of choice was New and Exciting, now it might be pushing into paralysis territory.

If I was going to be making outlandish predictions for publishing in 2015, I would suggest that one of them might be a cooling off of publisher desire to pursue “pure” ebook markets, or to be running ebook-only imprints. This is… obviously not a super comfortable thought for me,1 but such is life, I guess.

  1. Also note this is not in any way an indictment against my publisher, who’ve been nothing but awesome and super-supportive. From their end, they’ve given me no reason to think anything ominous is looming on the horizon. The speculative paranoia is mine and mine alone. ILU guys. []