Or, why do all women1 in comic books look the same? (With pictures.)

It’s worth noting that I actually disagree with most of this article’s “good” examples; you might like Rat Queens or Wic+Dev for other reasons, but c’mon. Their characters look all the goddamn same, too.

Then again, my first comic was The Maxx, and Sam Kieth, well…

And, yeah. Kieth has very obviously got a style, and quite a distinct one. And some similar faces appear more than once in his work (Harley and Amy above, for example).2

That being said, I the thing that differentiates Kieth’s work is that he allows himself to draw (and write about) women who look ugly, awkward, and otherwise non-conventionally attractive. Which, yanno. It’s amazing what you can do when not 100% of everyone has to have pornstar face 100% of the time…

  1. And a lot of men, TBH. []
  2. He also tends to only draw white women which, yeah. That’s a thing. []