Pitch sessions, which are essentially in-person query letters, soundlike legitimately the most awful things ever. Also I have this weird thing where I don’t like talking about my novels in person–publishing business, fine, my own work, not so much–so… yeah. No thanks.

And honestly, I can’t imagine agents and editors love them, either. It’s like slush reading except with the added emotional labour of having to smile and nod the entire time, rather than just being able to hit delete when it’s obvious within the first sentence the person in front of you is someone with whom you’d never, ever want to work.1

Anywhere, the linked article is literary agent Jessica Faust talking about how to make pitch sessions slightly less horrible, which can basically be summed up as, “Use them as professional meet-and-greets, rather than an actual pitch pitch session (because you can do that later by email anyway).”

  1. Agents do meet/call their potential clients, FWIW, but this usually happens as the last stage of a successful query, not the first. []