What these compilers do is pull my words, and my face and put them onto a webpage that I have no control over. @Threadreaderapp puts ads on my content, then offers paid premium services to remove ads from my content, or allow you to save to PDF or get a notification or newsletter when I tweet content, and send you a link to their website, displaying my content, which has been pulled from my feed, without my permission.

These compiled threads often get turned into articles by other websites. Also using ads. Also sometimes using paid writers. So a website pays someone else to copy/paste my words onto their site and make money off my work. Again without my knowledge or permission.

Erynn Brook on reposting.

See also: why I stopped liking or reblogging those posts on one social media platform that are just decontextualized screenshots of someone’s post on another social media platform. And not just because they made up a fairly large chunk of the content shared by the Russian troll farms exposed by Tumblr…