There’s something deeply gratifying about this story of a man attempting, unsuccessfully, to jump onto the paranormal romance gravy train… and failing spectacularly.1

Maybe it’s just me, but I’m always a little over the whole “men sneer at something women like (because women like it)” shtick which is, in effect, what this narrative is about. The author made a cynical, soulless attempt to cash-in on something he thought would be “easy”–because we all know PR books as trashy crap, amirite?–and got smacked down for it by readers and publishers alike.

Good. If there’s one writing maxim I think is iron-clad and 100% true at all times, it’s to never, ever have contempt for your readers. Ever. As an author–a fiction author in particular and a genre fiction author in particularly particular–your readers are your biggest and best asset, far greater than your own ability as a writer (yes, really). Treating them disrespectfully is worse than all the adverbs and all the telling-not-showing in all the libraries in the world.

  1. Assuming the story is “real”. As of this writing, I can’t find the author or the title on Amazon, which is probably not a bad thing…