I keep thinking that the election of Trump has turned us all into conservatives.

I mean “conservative” in a more old-fashioned (and I think truer) sense than what is generally thought. I don’t mean Republican — the Republican party is a radical reactionary party, not at all conservative.

I mean that we liberals and progressives have learned that national respect for truth, expertise, and empiricism is something we’re in danger of losing. It’s not a given. We can’t take rule of law for granted; we can’t assume our institutions won’t fly apart.

Everything good we’ve built is also the foundation on which further progress is made.

The fight right now is to preserve those good things.

Brent Simmons on liberal conservatism.

You sometimes hear this called “small-c conservatism” to differentiate it from the big-C “movement Conservatism” as espoused by modern right-wing political parties, which in and of itself is usually a blend of anti-progressive Christian social theocracy and radical neoliberal economic policies. Neither of which are, incidentally, conservative positions to take in societies that are founded on small-l liberal principles like democracy and rule of law.