That’s right, people! It’s time to get down to Vígríðr, because the end of the world is nigh! 22 February, in fact, so save the date!

Fun sights you may get a chance to see during this time include:

  • The sailing of the great ship Naglfar, made from the nails of the human dead!
  • Three great armies, converging on Ásgarðr: the jötnar of Múspell, lead by Surtr and his flaming sword; the frost jötnar, lead by Hrym; and Hel’s legions, lead by Loki and his now-freed children.
  • The shattering of the Bifröst!
  • The devouring of the sun and moon, Sól and Máni, by the great wolves Sköll and Hati Hróðvitnisson.
  • Hati’s father, the Fenrisúlfr, breaking free of his bonds to devour Óðinn.
  • The subsequent revenge-fight between the Fenrisúlfr and Óðinn’s son, Víðarr.
  • The epic, ocean-churning, to-the-death grudge-match between Jörmungandr and Þórr!
  • Further grudge matches between Freyr and Surtr, Týr and Garmr, and fan-favourites Heimdallr and Loki!
  • The epic flight of Níðhöggr, as he gathers the corpses of the dead between his feathers.
  • The sundering of the skies, shaking of the Yggdrasill, burning of the earth, and more!

Those wishing a bit of R&R during the event may join the two surviving humans, Líf and Lífþrasir, down in Hoddmímis holt for light refreshments and sanctuary from the carnage.

Afterwards, everyone is encouraged to head out to Iðavöllr for an epic after-party with survivors including Víðarr, Váli, Móði, Magni, and Höðr. Also be sure not to miss the final keynote recitation by the resurrected Baldr, as he welcomes you into this new and reborn age of peace and prosperity!

This is definitely an apocalypse you don’t want to miss. Space isn’t limited and participation is mandatory, so book your tickets today!